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Title: We Are Our Brains
Speaker: Peter B. Reiner

Title: Expanding the ‘neuro’
Speaker: Louise Whiteley

Title: Brains, Minds and Institutions
Speaker: Max Cameron


Title: Are We Our Brains?: A Short Journey Through Emotions
Speaker: Giovanni Frazzetto

Title: I Am My Conscious Experience
Speaker: Jonathan W. Schooler

Title: We Are Our Brain-Body Systems
Speaker: Edward Slingerland

Title: Lack of Consciousness, Lack of Responsibility?

Speaker: Neil Levy


Title: Neurophenomenology
Speaker: Evan Thompson

Title: Are We Our Brains?: Three Suggested Consequences From a Legal Perspective

Speaker: Jennifer Chandler

Title: On Self-Shaping: Challenging Neuro-centrism From Within the Sciences

Speaker: Saskia Nagel

Title: How Do Brains Come To Matter?

Speaker: Candis Callison

Title: In Genes We Trust: How Our Essentialist Biases Distort How We Think About Genes

Speaker: Steve Heine

Title: An Evolutionary Approach to Social Psychology and Some of Its Implications

Speaker: Mark Schaller